Benefits And Precautions Of Body Massage In Winter 2020

Our body is like a machine.  Just as oil is necessary to keep the machine running, in the same way, many functions continue continuously in the fibers of the body.  Lubrication is required to keep these functions active.

Massage works for the body. Especially in cold blood circulation from the lower parts of the body to the upper parts is slowed down.  This causes muscle stiffness.  Massage provides relief.  The pores of the skin open, causing the toxins to come out, which basically causes diabetes, dermatitis, joint pain, and body fat accumulation.

Benefits of Body Massage In Winter

If you're doing regular body massage then z your Muscles will be strong.  Skin improves  Blood circulation is fine.  Tiredness is removed.  Massage also provides relief from problems related to dry and dry skin. 

Body Massage can be done by yourself or can be done by others.  In any illness, get it done by massage specialists only.  While doing massage, it is important to have knowledge of massage based on the nature, illness and age of the person.  Acupressure specialists emphasize certain points with the hands, fingers and palm while massaging, which helps in removing the blockage of the veins.

When and How to Do Body Massage In Winter?

Massage daily if possible.  Otherwise massage should be done once in 10 to 15 days.  A healthy person should massage with lukewarm oil before bathing.  Oil should be applied in the head, the entire body, in the spine, in the navel, in the nails of hands and feet. 

It is important to understand the process of blood circulation in the body while massaging.  Massage from the waist to the lower limbs, legs and thigh is done from top to bottom when lying on the back.  If you are lying on your stomach then do massage from bottom to top.  Massage round on the knees with a light hand.  In this way, if you lie directly in the arms, then massage from top to bottom.

If you are lying on your stomach then massage is done from the bottom to the top.  Massage should be done from bottom to top in the spine.  Massage should be done with light hands on the head, face, neck and neck.

Which  Body Massage oil should we use?

Massage Oil is chosen based on the nature of the body and disease.  The oil of mustard oil is hot and the gooseberries cool.  In summer, it is better to massage with coconut, olives, gooseberry and mustard oil without heating it.  Amla oil gets relief in headache. 

Coconut oil should be applied on burning or itching.  Sesame and mustard oil provides relief in joint pain.  Sesame and almond oil are better for migraine, depression, insomnia, epilepsy, nervous system disturbances or joint pain.  Adding 1-2 drops in the nose also relaxes the nervous system and sinuses.  To relax, massage the almonds, olive, coconut, sesame oil lightly or lukewarm.  Massage solitude and calm mind.

How Body Massage Will Help You out From Diseases?

  • Whole body veins are found in the navel, so apply regular oil in it.  It also reduces problems such as dryness in the skin, lip cracking.
  • Massaging the oil in the soles and nails keeps the nervous system active.
  • If you have insomnia problem, massage the soles with mustard, almond, coconut, olive or sesame oil.
  • If you have severe pain in joints and muscles, then chop the seeds of thyme, sesame seeds and garlic buds in mustard or sesame oil and massage with that oil.
  • Massage the back with epilepsy, insomnia, depression, headache problems and blood pressure.

Precautions While Doing Body Massage In Winter

Do not massage by pressing too hard or too much.  Due to this, there is a fear of rupture, fracture of the nerves.  If there is any wound or injury, do not massage in that place.  Massaging with lukewarm oil reduces the nature of the oil and greases the skin easily.  Do not boil the oil too much nor massage it with the oil used in cooking.


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