How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire 2022

How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire 2022?: Hello guys how are you guys, I hope all the people will be good and your Happy New Year 202 will be going well.

Today We’ll give you best information that How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

If you are playing free fire games then you will know that how much is necessary for free diamond free fire games. So start How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire 2022?

If you have a free fire diamond then you can buy a lot of items such as dress, Weapon Royale, Diamond Royale, Incubator dress, Free Fire rare bundle, pets skin and many more, and 

You can’t buy anything in free fire games without Diamond, not even a single item.

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As we know that some characters like Hayato, Kelly, Caroline, Miguel respect and items can buy on gold in Free Fire, But we have to play free fire game daily to collect gold. 

There are some characters like Dj Alok, Dasha, Ronaldo etc in free fire that we cannot buy from gold. We need a free fire diamond to purchase them.

By now you must have understood that how important is diamond in free fire games?  Today I will give you some great tips which you can use and get free diamond in free fire about How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

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Steps For How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire 2022

Free fire is an online game in which Daily keeps coming to a new event and we need free fire diamond to buy some items in that event. 

If we have a free fire diamond, then we can buy a lot of great items in free fire like rare bundle, Emote, Free Fire New Incubator dress, Diamond Royale new bundle, and much more.

Now I will tell you about some such apps that you can earn money using and with that money you will be able to  top-up Diamond in free fire games. Keep reading about How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

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1 – Google Opinion Rewards – Free Fire Diamond Top-up

How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire

Google Opinion Rewards, all the people who play free fire games will know about this app because it is a very common app that everyone uses. 

Using this app is very easy and with this you can earn money and with that money you will be able to top-up in the free fire game.

Now the question may be arising in your mind that how can we earn online money by using Google Opinion Rewards. 

So I want to tell you that Google Opinion Rewards is an app in which you get money by completing surveys and that survey is very easy which you can easily complete.

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So now I would like to give some examples about the survey of Google opinion rewards.  

This will give you an idea as to which type of survey comes? , And example are given below for How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

1 – Which of these brand of shoes have you worn?

(a) – Nike
(b) – Adidas
(c) – Reebok
(d) – Hrx
(e) – Puma
(f) – None of the above

So by clicking on any of these shoes you have worn, you can complete the survey. After completing this survey, Google Opinion Rewards will give you money which will be between ₹ 1 to ₹ 10. 

By using money, You can buy ₹ 10 air drops in free fire, and you can do garena free fire diamonds top up online.

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You can see that below is earning proof of Google Opinion Rewards.

How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire

How To Sign-up in Google Opinion Rewards?

Signing up to Google Opinion Rewards is very easy.I will tell you this through a few steps, and that steps are given below.

  • Choose one e-mail through which you can sign-up in Google Opinion Rewards.
  • After doing step one, You’ve to fill your First name and last name.
  • Final Step is that You’ve to fill ur current location Pin code. Example – 123456
  • After completing the above 3 steps, you will be signed up for Google Opinion Rewards.

2 – To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire, Participate In Custom Room Match

The second best idea is that Participate in custom room of free fire game to get free Diamond in your free fire I’d. We know a lot of Youtubers giveaway of Dj Alok and Free Fire Diamond on their channel. 

You have to play custom with them to participate in their giveaway and if you beat them, they will top up Free Fire Diamond in your account, and Follow steps for How To Get Free Diamond In Free Fire?

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Let me tell you the names of some Youtubers who always giveaway on their channels, and names are as follows –

  • Total Gaming – Ajjubhai 94
  • Desi Gamers – Amit Bhai
  • Badge 99
  • Two-Side Gamers
  • Jonty Gaming
  • Pahadi Gaming
  • Nobru Gaming
  • Vincenzo
  • Ankush Free Fire
  • Rouk Free Fire

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