Free Fire Diwali Event 2022: Free Magic Cube, 29999 Diamonds

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 and details are going to surprised you, because This diwali garena is bringing special rewards for you in Indian Server and I think that No one gonna to missed that diwali Event free fire Login rewards and rare bundle. FF Diwali Event is one of the popular free fire new event in india, because In this free fire new event, Users are going to get more free items and bundle, gun skin, pet skin, and much more.

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So, Do you want to know free fire Diwali Event 2022 date and calendar, then We’ve surprise for you, because we’ve added all rewards that you’re going to get in free fire Diwali Event 2022. Just Take a look below and We’re guaranteed you that After seeing free fire diwali event, you’re going to be surprised and you’re excitement will be more.

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Hey, I’m Saurabh and I’m going to share free fire Diwali Event 2022 Date, Calendar, rewards, redeem code and much more with 100% confirmed date. I have building blogs and websites since 2017. In that time, I have launched lots of my own blogs and through that websites I’m helping free fire players to get free fire free diamonds and much more items in their account.

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10+ Free Fire Diwali Event 2022: Special Rewards

The event that everyone is waiting for is finally going to come in the Indian server and Named of that new event is Free Fire Diwali Event 2022. You do not need to tell much about this free fire new event Diwali 2022, because you already know what we are going to get in this ff diwali event. But this time something special is going to happen, because Garena Free Fire is going to give some extraordinary free items and bundle that Free Fire players are also going to become shocked after seeing below details about diwali event free fire.

FF Diwali Event Leaks Details 100% Confirmed

Garena Free Fire Max is a very successful, and demanding online battlefield royale game developed by 111 dots studios available on mobile devices. It has gained popularity for its adventure-driven online battlefield game.It is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide on the Google play store with maximum 1 billions+ downloads. The players have their own strategies, including landing positions, acquiring weapons, supplies and taking up a fight with an enemy.

App NameFree Fire
New EventFree Fire Diwali Event 2022
Confirmed Date15 October
RewardsFree Diamonds, Magic Cube, Rare Bundle, Legendary Emotes, and more
Developer111 Dots Studios
Download Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 UpdateLink Coming Soon
FeaturesYou can claim all free rewards from New Diwali Event 2022 after login into your free fire accounts
Our WebsitesBihariRockers.Com

Now, Take a look below for the Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Date, Rewards, calendar, redeem code and We’ll also tell you that which gun skin is best in free fire Diwali Event 2022. All rewards information about free fire new diwali event Given by garena on his official social media handle. Also, you’re going to get free fire diwali offer on Diamonds and much more free fire rare items.

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1 – Free Fire Diwali Event: Free Magic Cube

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022
ff diwali event

Diwali is one such event which is celebrated with great pomp in India and if you are even a free fire player then you must know the importance of free fire Diwali event 2022, because there are so many free items in ff diwali event that you would not want to miss this.

Free Fire Magic Cube and Bundle has been considered as rare, because you can’t get free magic cube in free fire easily. But, On the Occasion of Diwali, Free Fire is going to free magic cube in your account. Just You’ve to login in your account and Claim free magic cube from free fire new Diwali Event 2022 page.

Also, you can get unlimited free magic cube in free fire from Diwali free fire event. Just You’ve to play online battlefield in-game match like Classic, Ranked and Clash squad ranked match. After completing given interval of time, you can claim free Magic Cube Fragments from Diwali Event in free fire upto 100 and you can change that free Magic Cube Fragments in Magic Cube through store.

Free Diamonds For You:

2 – Diwali Event Free Fire Artic Blue Bundle Free

Everyone knows about Artic Blue Bundle, because it’s one of the most rare bundle in free fire like hip hop bundle, Bunny Bundle and Cobra Bundle. It is being speculated that this time the Artic Blue Bundle is going to come in the free fire diwali new event 2022. But, Do you know that In which free fire Diwali special new event, Artic Blue Bundle will come?

So, We’re assuming that Artic Blue Bundle can be come under magic cube store or in wish event, because We have also seen that ff artic blue bundle came in wish event in free fire diwali event 2022 and 2021. If Artic Blue Bundle will come in magic cube store, then you can easily claim it.

3 – Free Fire Diwali Wish Event 2022

Free Fire Diwali Wish Event 2022 is the centre of attraction of this ff new event, because you’re going to more rare bundle like free fire Samurai Bundle, red criminal bundle, Green criminal bundle black t shirt, rare gloo wall, legendary emote, pet skin and much more that’s why Diwali wish free fire new event 2022 is going to be more surprising this time in October.

You’ve to maintain unlimited diamonds in your free fire id, because free fire Diwali Event 2022 is more consuming diamonds event and If you want to get rare bundle from Diwali offer in free fire, then you’ve to top up atleast 10000 diamonds in your account to claim rewards from new wish event 2022.

4 – Diwali Level Up Shop Free Fire New Event

No one can’t miss Free Fire Level up shop and level shop. Now,‌ you’re going to see level up shop in free fire new diwali event 2022 and it’s one of the special rewards and new events, you’re going to get in free fire upcoming events in India 2022.

Free Fire Diwali level up shop is famous, because you can get discount upto 90% in this new events. So, if you’re getting 90% discount, then you can buy elite pass in 1 diamonds and much more items like emotes, Dj alok bundle, Throne emote, Chrono bundle, gloo wall, weapon Royale Voucher, diamond Royale Voucher in less Diamonds.

5 – Free Fire Diwali Exchange Diya Tokens

Garena free fire Diwali Event always surprising his players through giving free rare items and bundle for free. If you’re a free fire player, then you’ll be already familiar about free fire new event Diwali and diya tokens exchange. During Diwali Event calendar, Just You’ve to play in-game match like Classic and Ranked match to collect Diwali diya tokens 2022. After collecting required amount of diya tokens, you can claim free bundle and emotes from free fire new event Diwali 2022.

Also, If you’ve collected more diya tokens, then you can also claim weapon royale voucher, new incubator voucher, diamond royale voucher from ff Diwali Event page. So, Try to collect more diya tokens so that you can Claim more free special rewards from Diwali Event free fire.

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6 – Diwali Event Free Fire Login Rewards

As you know that if you login to your account on specific date of free fire new event Diwali, then you are given free rewards. so I am going to tell you what are the free rewards you are going to get in this free fire new diwali event 2022.

First of all, it’s confirmed that you’re going to get one free magic cube through login rewards and others items you can get like legendary emotes, gloo wall, pet skin and rare bundle. It’ll totally depend on garena that what other items they’re going to give you on ff diwali event.

7 – Free Fire New Event Diwali Emotes

Emotes has been important part of free fire online battlefield in-game match and if you’ve have legendary emotes like Throne emote, Rose emote and Pirates emote, then it’ll be more awesome, because you can show off infront of your friends and after doing booyah in classic, Ranked match and Clash squad ranked match. There are several methods to get free emotes in free fire. So, One of the most popular free fire upcoming events coming in india that’s Free Fire Diwali Event 2022.

If you want to get free emote in free fire account, then you can claim from ff Diwali Event 2022, because we know that Garena always give free emote during Diwali Event free fire. So, you can claim emote from new event after login into your account.

8 – Free Fire Diwali Event Magic Cube Bundle

Everyone knows about free fire magic cube bundle and Store. But Do you know that which rare bundle are going to come in magic cube store during Diwali Event Free Fire 2022.

This time it is being speculated that during the Free Fire Diwali event, the Magic Cube Store is going to be updated with a lot of amazing bundle like Break dance bundle, Zoombie samurai bundle, Bandit bundle and Yellow criminal bundle, respectively with which you can claim more than one bundle, but for that you need to have more than one magic cube in your account. So, start collecting more magic cube in your account through Elite Pass Magic Cube creates, Diamond royale and weapon royale new event.

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9 – Free Fire Free Diamonds

Diamond is the premium currency of Garena in-game and you’ve to do top up in your account to get unlimited diamonds. So imagine how good it would be for you if you were given free fire free Diamonds?

If you’re getting free diamonds in free fire id, then you can buy bundle, pet skin, gun skin, legendary emotes, gloo wall, Dj alok, Chrono character, K character, evo gun skin tokens and much more. So, your dreams going to be true, because garena is going to give you free free free Diamonds during Diwali Event Free Fire 2022.

Get Free Diamonds (FF Diwali Special 2022)

💎299 FREEClaim
💎499 FREEClaim
Free Redeem CodeClaim
💎599 FREEClaim
Bunny Bundle Redeem CodeClaim

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10 – Free Fire Black T Shirt Return

Free Fire black t shirt was released during season 1 or 2 that’s why it has been added in rare category. As We Know that Black T Shirt free fire return event has been already came in Indian Server and many users claimed it. But Once again, Black t shirt is going to come in free fire diwali wish event 2022 and you can claim it through diamonds. Atleast, you’ve to spend 2000 to 3000 diamonds to get rare black t shirt in free fire. Also, some players are getting Black t shirt in one spin. So, it will totally depend on your account luck.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Date

Free Fire new event Diwali date will be around 15 October, because garena will start ff diwali event early so that players can claim free bundle, emotes and login rewards like free magic cube from new event section.

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Calendar

As We Know that Calendar is more important for any free fire new event, because you can complete missions according to date to claim free rewards that’s why diwali event free fire calender role is more important for players. So, you’re going to get diwali event 2022 calendar around 10 October 2022 in your official game event page.

FaQs: Free Fire Diwali Event 2022

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022
Diwali event free fire

Which pet is best in free fire diwali event?

As we know that there are lots of pet availabe in free fire with different abilities. But whenever comes to best pet in free fire diwali event, then you can go with Mr Wagger pet.

What is Diwali special in free fire?

The most awaited free fire new event is going to arrive soon in an indian server with lots of free rewards.

You’re going to get free magic cube and emote in login rewards as diwali special rewards. Also, you can free bundle after exchanging diya tokens in ff diwali event page section.

Is there any new event in free fire?

Yes, Garena free fire is bringing free fire new event Diwali in an indian server and you can check above for what are you going to get free rewards in diwali event free fire 2022.

Which gun skin is best in free fire diwali event?

Tropical parrot shotgun is best gun skin in free fire diwali event 2022.

Which is the best event in free fire?

Free Fire Diwali Event is the best event in free fire for an Indian server.

Conclusion: Free Fire Diwali Event 2022

Whenever comes to free fire new event, then Free Fire Diwali Event will listed on top, because Users are getting more free rewards from garena during this ff new event. We’ve added all information about free fire upcoming events in india that’s ff Diwali Event. So, you can check above for diwali event rewards, date, calendar and special offer above. Hoping that you’re going to claim more free rare items from free fire new diwali event 2022.

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