Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass January 2023: Claim Legendary Bundle

Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass January 2023: Do you know that what is coming new in Garena free fire in New Year 2023? I think that You’ve no idea about this. Don’t worry, because we’re here for you to share every upcoming free fire news & updates with you. So, Free Fire is going to his change his Elite Pass system with new features & abilities next year, and we’ll see Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass soon. But, Let’s Take a Look at the changes and Rewards in New Elite Pass in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is all set to welcome for New Elite Pass System, and Its views are more surprising. Now, you’ll be not able to get elite pass Free Fire after the end of this year, because Garena is changing the whole system with the Booyah Pass concept from 2023, and The whole system will be changed. After getting January Booyah Pass, you’ll feel the new environment in the Elite Pass system. So, Now Let’s go into depth to explore more about Free Fire Booyah Pass.

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Booyah Pass & Elite Pass Free Fire New System All You Need To Know

As We Know From the release of Season 1 Elite Pass Free Fire, We’re seeing a new Elite Pass in in-game events, and We all know that Users have been bored from seeing the same ecosystems and concepts of claiming rewards after claiming to complete specific missions. Developer & Contributors of this game has changed its mind after 4 years after continuously realizing free fire elite pass season 1 elite pass, and Now, They’re bringing a new concept of New Elite Pass Free Fire to make the in-game events environment more engaging & Interesting.

It’ll come in effect from Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Elite Pass from January 2023 with a new name called Booyah Pass. After seeing the name Booyah Pass, you can easily understand that it’s inspired by Booyah Day. As We Know that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a famous punch line for BGMI players. Same like that Booyah! will become a game slug for Free Fire players after rolling out of First Booyah Pass Emoji Bomberman.

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Now, Free Fire Elite Pass has been upgraded to Booyah Pass with different thoughts, animations, systems, and Creativity. This is also called “B Premium”. Now, users are going to get Free Fire Booyah Pass every month instead of an Elite Pass. The Elite Pass name will be disappeared from the game slowly. So, Players will get December Elite Pass under the same name. Let’s be ready to welcome the concept of Booyah Pass that’s the Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Elite Pass from 1 January 2023.

Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Free Fire January 2023

Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass
free fire booyah pass

First Free Fire Booyah Pass instead of Elite Pass is all set ready to roll out in all Servers from 1 January 2023, and You’re going to feel more attractive looks in Booyah Day pass because Bundles are going to come in 3 colors like Free Fire Cobra bundle that’s why it’s calling as Legendary Bundles of Booyah Day Pass Season 1. We all know that Changes are required in all online battlefield royale games because Players will be bored with the repeating pattern of free fire all Elite Pass.

So, Garena decided to change the whole concept of elite pass free fire and make a different one. Now, Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Elite Pass will be called as Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1 from 1 January 2023. So, Take a Look Below to know more details about First FF Booyah Pass.

First Booyah PassEmoji Bomberman
Release Date1 January 2023
SeasonBooyah Pass Season 1
Special Effects & AnimationAvailable
Booyah Pass PriceComing Soon
Diamonds Required To UnlockedYes
Bundle TypeLegendary
Total Level150
Rewards TypesFree Booyah Pass and Booyah Premium Rewards
Customization OptionsAvailable
Booyah Pass

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First Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1 Rewards

Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass
Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Rewards

Currently, We’re claiming rewards from all elite pass in the free fire according to Badges collections that means if you’re completing 225 badges after completing in-game events missions, then you will be able to unlock the FF male bundle. But now, the Whole system is going to be changed from First Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 1, Because You’ll see rewards list according to Levels number, and Legendary items will be available at a higher level which means you’ve to do a little bit more efforts to unlock legendary bundle from Booyah Pass in Free Fire 2023.

Elite Pass name has been changed to Booyah Pass, and From 1 January 2023, It’ll be called Free Fire Booyah Pass, and users are going to get more customizable rewards in Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1. So, Check out more rewards that you’re going to get in Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass.

  • Level 30 – Emoji Bomberman Loot box
  • Level 50 – Legendary Bundle (Female)
  • Level 80 – Surfboard
  • Level 90 – Backpack
  • Level 100 – Legendary Male Bundle (Customisable like FF Cobra Bundle)
  • Level 140 – Gloo Wall
  • Level 150 – Trogon Gun Skin (Rare)

NOTE: All Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1 rewards listed above are Legendary which means They can include special animation, effects, and Bundle customization options.

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Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Bundle & Arrival Date

Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass
FF Booyah Pass Bundle

As We already mentioned that Elite Pass is going to end and Booyah Pass Season 1 is all set to arrive on all servers. Users are very excited to welcome a new thought from the prospective mind. Free Fire Emoji Bomberman will be the First Booyah Pass that will come into effect from January 1, 2023, and its arrival date. Garena has totally changed the whole ecosystem with the new system because players are going to get Legendary Bundles like FF Cobra Bundle in Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1. Now, Check the leaked photos and Videos below.

FF Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass January 2023 Leaks Photos & Videos

After Official confirmation from Garena Free Fire, Leaks of Photos and Videos of Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Free Fire is coming from social media creators and YouTube creators also. There are sharing the rewards details, legendary bundle photos, and all-new Booyah Day Season 1 system look-through videos. So, you can check out the below videos to feel the changes of Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1.

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Booyah Pass

Difference Between Free Fire Booyah Pass and Elite Pass

As we know, the name of Elite Pass has been changed to Bhuria Pass, so it is obvious that we will get to see a lot of changes in the game, so let take a look at the major difference between Free Fire Booyah Pass and Elite Pass.

The Main difference between The Free Fire Booyah Pass and Elite Pass is its rewards because Players are going to get legendary bundles, customizable rewards & items from Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season one. It means that you can set the bundle colors according to your choices because You’ll get legendary outfits in 3 different colors from First Booyah Pass.

The Major difference between Booyah Pass and Elite Pass will be its pricing. As We Know that we’re getting Elite Pass in 499 Diamonds, and when we look at the pre-order price, then it’s 999 Free Fire Diamonds. But, Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1 will allow unlocking more premium rewards and rare outfits. It’s obvious that The Price of the Booyah Pass will be a little more than compared to Elite Pass. So, you can spot the difference in the BP (Booyah Pass) price from 1 January 2023.

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As We Know We’re completing specific daily missions for the EP (Elite Pass) to collect more Badges to Claim Rewards. But, you’ve to complete BP EXP up to 100 to unlock a new level in Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1. It includes a total of 150 levels and as soon as you achieve a higher level, then you’ll be able to unlock a legendary bundle and premium rewards in your ID.

Like Elite Pass Free Fire, Players are going to get free rewards with Free Booyah Pass. Anyhow, if you’re not able to unlock Booyah Pass Premium in your account, then don’t worry, because We can claim free Booyah Pass Rewards after completing daily BP EXP missions.

How To Get Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass In Free Fire 2023?

It’s confirmed that Every player will try to try to get First Booyah Pass in Free Fire that’s Emoji Bomberman in any conditions. Because, users will get a chance to unlock legendary outfits, Gloo Wall, rare weapons, and premium rewards, respectively. So, Let’s see How to get Free Booyah Pass In Free Fire?

As We Know the First Booyah Pass is going to Emoji Bomberman and It’ll be roll-out on 1 January 2023 on all servers. So, It’s estimated that As usual, Players can pre-order Booyah Pass 3 days of the new month. Also, you can get it in your account for months after spending free fire diamonds and After that, you can start claiming premium rewards from BP (Booyah Pass).

Rare Bundle Redeem Code

You don’t need to spend any diamonds to unlock free Booyah Pass rewards, because They’ll be automatically unlocked from 1st date of Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1, and you can unlock free rewards after completing in-game missions. Also, you can see Free Fire Booyah Pass Discount Events in the last weeks of every month.

So, According to the information, the First Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1 discount event won’t come in-game, because They’ll try to make it rare so that every player will be interested to unlock it in their account.

How To Customise Free Fire Booyah Pass Bundle?

You’re going to get the customizable male legendary bundle in 3 different colors in Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1. To Customize The Booyah Pass Bundle, First, you have to unlock B Premium, and After that, you’ll get legendary outfits bundles customization options on the interface of Booyah Pass 2023. So, you’ve to just tap on the button and Choose colors according to your choices.

3 Colours Available In Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass January 2023

  • Neon Blast Bundle
  • Hidden Blast Bundle
  • Cyber Blast Bundle

Also, Free Fire Elite Pass Season 55 December is going to be the Last Elite Pass of Free Fire, and After that First Booyah Pass will be roll-out. So, Upcoming New Year January Month 2023 will be the beginning of Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 1. Which indicates that Both BP (Booyah Pass) and EP (Elite Pass) season rewards are going to be rarest in the upcoming months.

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How To Claim Rewards From Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass 2023?

  1. Login into your Free Fire Account
  2. You’ll get Free Fire Booyah Pass Options on the left Bottom side of the lobby
  3. Click on the Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass icon, and you’ll enter the new ecosystem
  4. You’ve to complete in-game missions to unlock premium rewards
  5. Mainly, you can only claim Booyah Pass Premium rewards after purchasing it through Free Fire Diamonds. now, Follow the next steps
  6. As soon as you complete daily BP EXP missions, then you’ll get claim options under each premium rewards in Free Fire Booyah Pass Emoji Bomberman
  7. So, You’ve to click on Claim options, and after that Rewards will be sent into your vault sections
  8. Now, You can Equip First Booyah Pass Legendary Bundles outfits and premium rewards.

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FaQs: Free Fire Booyah Pass

How to Get Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

You can get a booyah pass in free fire through pre-order and directly through free fire diamonds top-up. Free Booyah Pass will be automatically unlocked for everyone which means you don’t need to have to buy it.

How To Increase BP EXP (Booyah Pass)?

If you want to increase BP EXP (Booyah Pass) easily to a higher level of 150 easily, then you have to complete daily in-game missions.

Is Free Fire Booyah Pass better than Elite Pass?

Yes, Free Fire Booyah Pass is better than the Elite pass, because users are going to get customizable legendary outfits bundles in 3 colors.

How to Level up Booyah Pass in Free Fire?

To increase your Free Fire Booyah Pass Level instantly, then you have to gain BP experience points (BP EXP). So, after getting every 100 BP EXP, your level will increase, and you can unlock premium rewards.

Conclusion: Free Fire Booyah Pass 2023

As We Know that Garena free fire is one of the most popular online battlefield online games in the world with more than 1B+ downloads from the Google Play Store. So, What makes Free Fire become popular all over the world? I think that New In-game Events and Changes are coming every month as patch updates. Now, Garena free fire is going to change its Elite Pass to Free Fire Booyah Pass from 1 January, 2023.

So, In this post, We’ve shared step-by-step guide about the upcoming Free Fire Emoji Bomberman Booyah Pass Season 1, and How to get Free Booyah Pass in Free Fire. As We Know that Players are going to get premium rewards and legendary Customisable outfits bundled in Booyah Pass. So, Be Ready to feel the Changes in the First Free Fire Booyah Pass From 1 January 2023.

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