How To Increase Honor Score In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Increase Honor Score In Free Fire Max 2023: Have you updated the application Garena Free Fire Max to OB39 and started playing the new version of it? Then you would be knowing that the game is entirely running on the OB39 version and there are a lot many changes and upgradation that have been made and executed.

The one major change that could be noticed in the game might happen with you that you were resisting playing the CS Ranked mode. Isn’t it with you? If the same is going on, then just calmly, you need to go through this post so you may know the exact details and the entire working of it. Along with these, we shall provide effective solutions to your problems, hence get set up and be till the last of this post to increase your Honor Score In Free Fire Max.

Guys, if you are having a problem, it’s not only with you, instead, the entire community is facing the problem and the same is with me too. So let’s share the experience through this post and if you too want to share, you are free to make your comments, you are welcome.

The most simple abbreviation for this problem is you are banned from the CS Ranked mode. It means, you are no longer available to play the mode and this can be repeated with the BR-ranked mode too. Hence, you need to be aware of the new rules and regulations that the developers have initiated after the OB39 update in free fire and free fire max. Here are all the details for increasing your Honor Score In Free Fire.

Why You’re Unable To Play CS Rank Matches?

So friends, just a few months has been passed and if you could recall, the developers had Introduced a cheat-avoiding system in the game. The system was termed the Free Fire Max Honor Score. Since the Honor Score was launched, many players faced the issue that they were not able to start a match. But most of you would be reading the post who did not face this issue but why?

The most simple answer is that the algorithm has been updated and the strictness has been increased in a huge way that you can even not play the game if you leave the match in between for even a single time.

The main reason behind getting banned from CS Ranked is that you must have left the game in between or pressed the back button at least once. This resulted in elimination from the match and was reported by the algorithm to deduct your Honor Score.

And as per the regulations that have been updated after the OB39 update, if you have an Honor Score below 95, you can not play the CS Ranked Mode and that’s all why you could not be able to play the CS Ranked Mode. Below are the details of the exact regulations that have been updated after the launch of the FF OB39 update. Have all the details including the information for increasing your Honor Score In Free Fire.

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What Is Honor Score In Free Fire Max?

Honor Score In Free Fire is a game anti-cheat system that reports your misuse of gameplay and records your behavior toward it to punish you so that you may make up your mind to not repeat the same.

This is originally done to maintain a fair & iconic gameplay that every player could enjoy freely. This system was launched in the game free fire and free fire max in 2022 along with an OB Update.

Free Fire Max Honor Score is a behavior score that is measured in numbers and the best Honor Score can be 100. The more below your Honor Score goes, the more restrictions could be faced by you. So, you need to play the game completely politely so that you may not face the issue of being banned from any mode. And if, by chance, you have got banned, here are the most effective and observed ways to unban yourself from any mode and increase your Honor Score In Free Fire Max too.

How To Increase Honor Score In Free Fire Max

How To Increase Honor Score In Free Fire Max
Increase Honor Score In Free Fire

Guys, since you are worried about only increasing the Honor Score so that you could get unbanned from any particular mode, wait because there are some more things that you need to consider. You just do not have to increase the Honor Score for getting unbanned but also to maintain fair gameplay and get rewards. So, along with the ways to increase the Free Fire Max Honor Score, you should also know the precautions that you shall take care about to resist deducting your Honor Score. Below are all the effective ways to increase your Honor Score in Free Fire Max.

1 – Playing Others Modes in FF

If you have been banned from any mode, just calm down because there is a solution. You have to just choose the Clash Squad Mode rather than any ranked mode and start playing it. Play it well and after completing the match, you will be rewarded with an increase of one Free Fire Max Honor Score point.

Have our advice and choose the Lone Wolf Mode and save your time as this mode also awards one Honor Score Point, play multiple times to get more and more FF Honor Score Points.

2 – Waiting

Time is the best solution to heal any wound and the same can be done to increase your Honor Score. If today you are banned or your Free Fire Honor Score has been reduced, then you should wait and after logging tomorrow or one day later, you will find an increase in Honor Score.

3 – Avoiding Performing the Following Activities

  • Stop pressing the back button in any mode
  • Stop taking your interface to the Home Screen
  • Doing both steps but leaving the screen on during gameplay and remaining still will also result in a loss of Honor Score hence, don’t do so
  • Do not abuse the game

4 – Do The Following To Unlock the Honor Score

  • If the game has been started, just complete it
  • Maintain fair gameplay in every mode
  • Keep your fingers moving over the controls

FaQs: Free Fire Honor Score

How much Honor score increase in free fire?

The more you played the in-game matches, the Your Free Fire Honor Score will more increase. It can go a maximum of 100.

Why Honor Score in free fire not increasing?

If you are still doing unusual behavior while in-game matches like Clash Squad rank, that’s the reason for your honor score in the free fire not increasing.

How much Honor Score increase in one day?

the maximum number of games you played fairy, the maximum honor score will increase in one day.


So friends, here is the most absolute solution to your problem that is How to Increase your Honor Score In Free Fire Max. Along with it, we have shared some more details and hopefully, you would have found this post useful. So start connecting with us for more such posts like Increase Honor Score In Free Fire.

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