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How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max 2023: Free Fire and Free Fire Max is emerging to be the best-ever game in the history of mobile games. This is possible only due to the massive number of active players and users of these games. Not only do they use it but all of them including our team love the game. The game free fire and free fire max provides you with fantastic experience in the field of automation and algorithmic gameplay. For all of us, it’s not a game but a deep emotion. How do you see the game? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

So guys, as we have mentioned free fire and free fire max have a massive user base that is still expanding. Along with this increment, the number of active players is also going on increasing. According to a report that was published via Wikipedia officially in 2021, stated that there were 150 million players active at the same time in the game free fire. This was the maximum number of active players ever observed. And now it’s 2023 and somewhere there could even be a massive upgrade in these digits.

Free Fire Ping Problem Solution 2023

The popularity of free fire and free fire max is increasing and expanding day by day. This increment has led to various circumstances that broke out to be beneficial and even disadvantageous. And for the same reason, we are here. This article is totally upon the most disadvantageous point that the community is facing due to the population increment in the games free fire and free fire max. And so, we have picked up today’s topic for you all which is How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max.

Guys, how many of you are here who have faced such a problem while playing the game? Many of you keep searching for the terms like How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max, Free Fire Ping Problem, Free Fire Network Problem Solution, Free Fire High Ping Problem Solved, and so on. So, an effective and final solution to all these problems with you is here and now you are going to finally solve these problems within minutes. Get set up and read the article further.

Application NameGarena Free Fire
Date22 June 2023
IssuesFree Fire Max Ping Problem
Methods To FixAvailable
CategoryFree Fire
Our WebsiteBihariRockers.Com

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What Is Ping Problem In Free Fire?

Guys, first of all, you should be aware of it. Ping problem in free fire or free fire max is a type of problem where you are not synced to the live gameplay. It means, you can or can not perform actions but there will be no movement via your character, your character will get frozen thus making it unmovable.

The wifi symbol will either go red or the number would exceed 150. This is the best way to recognize the high ping problem in free fire or ff max. Here you can not control your character as you will start seeing some uncontrollable movements would get started. Free Fire Ping Problem is extremely irritating and you can not fix it until you would catch the exact reason for such a problem and afterward treat it with the most suitable solution.

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Why There Is Ping Problem In Free Fire?

Ping problem is a very common problem that has been seen in the game free fire and free fire max. There may be certain reasons for occurring of such problems in the game. We are going to list those reasons that led to the free-fire ping problem in your game.

  • Failure in your operator network
  • Lowering of bandwidth (operator’s failure)
  • Device’s problem
  • Low vacant storage in your phone
  • Lack of RAM
  • Using of Low-End Device
  • High load on the server (perhaps due to most active players at the same time)
  • Glitch from the officials
  • Government’s move
  • Blockage or disruption in the server

Now we shall finally state some most useful and effective tricks that would lie after multiple tests via our expertise about How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max. Let’s get started to have all the solutions at once.

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How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max

How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max
Free Fire Ping Problem Solution

Free Fire Ping Problem is one of the issues which are faced by many users while playing in-game matches, and it can be more frustrating or irritating for some users We have seen that if you’re playing Garena Free Fire Max online battlefield royale games, then suddenly High Ping Problem will occur and you can’t do anything or can’t perform anything in-game matches. Due to this most players get eliminated Many players get eliminated due to which many points are deducted from their Rank Matches. Also, Free Fire Ping Problems are faced by many users regularly.

That’s why They are searching for Free Fire Ping Problem Solution app, and How to solve high ping problems in free fire max. So You don’t have to worry, because Now you’re at the absolute right place, because Here you’re going to get a 100% working solution to solve the high-ping problems in the free fire. After that, you’ll be also to reduce ping in Free Fire or FF Max. As We Know Most players are facing High ping problems mainly in Jio and Airtel SIM, and It’s happening because FF was banned in India. But, You can solve or fix it very easily after following given below steps.

Free Fire High Ping Problem 2023 is a very common issue in online battlefield royale games which can be solved very easily after following the given below steps. Also, We have shared a step-by-step guide to solving High-Ping Problems in Free Fire Max. After that, you can perform Free Fire Ping test to check whether your problem is solved or not. So, Take a look below to get authentic details to solve your problem Instantly.

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1 – General Method

  • Make sure that you are connected to a perfect network or wifi, for the same, you can run a test by CLICK HERE. The website will monitor the speed of your internet in mb/s, if it’s in mb/s, the network is perfect else there is something wrong with the network you are using
  • If the problem is the same, just close all the recently launched apps along with free fire, turn on the airplane mode and after a few minutes, turn it off. Now restart the game and try to play
  • If the problem is still with you, then close the game and then start the game after one hour because there may be a server issue too. And if after an hour, the problem remains, check the latest news about your problem on Google or YouTube. If you can not find anything there, then you can now only perform the below-stated advanced steps in the advanced method.

2 – Advanced Method

  • Go to the settings of your phone and search APN in the search bar or you can write Access Point Name
  • Go ahead with the same setting
  • Now click on new APN and enter all the below-mentioned values in the particular tabName – internetAPN – internet+
  • Server –
  • Authentication Type – PAP or CHAP
  • APN Type – Default
  • APN protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  • APN Roaming protocol – IPv4/IPv6
  • Bearer – LTE
  • Now tap on the save icon and save this APN setting for always

We can assure you that these solutions will lead you to anti-ping gameplay.

And if the problem is still the same then the only fault and mistake for the high ping is the operator that you are using. Kindly change the sim card company or move to some another address.

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Free Fire Normal or High Ping Problem Solution

Free Fire Ping Problem Solution App APK Download 2023

There are some major issues that are faced by many users of online battlefield royale games, and this issue can affect your gameplay and also can decrease your rankings points, because If you are playing ranked matches and suddenly, you start facing low ping problems or high ping problems, then you can’t play in-game matches properly. So, You have to fix this as soon as possible to perfect gameplay. That’s why we have shared an authentic step-by-step guide for How to solve ping problems in free Fire Max. So, Take a look above and follow the steps carefully.

Various users are using Different SIM cards to use data and play Garena Free Fire Max online battlefield royale game that’s why they are searching on the internet for Free Fire Ping Problem Solution Jio, and Free Fire Ping Problem VPN, respectively. Also, They are looking for a ping problem solution app APK Download so that they can instantly solve or fix this problem in their Free Fire ID instantly.

So, I want to say that There is still not any Free Fire Ping Problem Solution App APK available to download in the Google play store. So, Don’t use third-party websites’ APK files, because that can be harmful for your account as well as for your Account. Always use official methods which are providing by the Garena official teams. So, We have shared the official ways to easily solve Ping Problem in Free Fire Max ID easily.

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Why is Free Fire ping so high?

Updating or downloading the Game expansion pack in the background can cause high ping problems in free fire, and it can be easily stable after some time. So, if you are still facing the Free Fire ping problem, then check the above 100% working solution.

How can I get lower than 50 pings in Free Fire?

If you want to get lower than 50 Ping in Free Fire, then you have to use a stable network connection on your SIM like JIO, Airtel, and wifi, respectively. Also, you have to stop data-consuming apps in the background.

How To Reduce High Ping Problem In Free Fire?

You can easily reduce the high ping problem in the free fire back to normal after using totally stable internet connection and wi-fi connection.

How do I fix free-fire network lag?

If you’re facing Free Fire Network Lag problem while playing games, then refresh the app, close other’s background running apps, then start playing again. It will solve your problem.


So guys, here is a well-described article that is completely upon How To Solve High Ping Problem In Free Fire Max? We hope that we were able to fade your quest and if so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and stay connected with us for more upcoming posts by us about the game free fire and free fire max.

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