Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India: Garena Free Fire is not just a game but today it has become one of the major sources of income from various fields. Nowadays there is a huge increment in the content creation for the game and most especially it is carried out in the form of videos, articles, and ads. You can relate to it as many YouTubers are there who are owning many expensive assets and the prime source for their income is content related to the game free fire or free fire max.

So, the game has been providing an enormous chance for us to make money. Few of us have gotten the point while many do not. So you know how much money a person can earn or has earned via the help of only contents of free fire? Well, you must not know, so we are proposing this post to make you aware of it and most probably we are going to share the information about the Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India.

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India 2023

Guys, India is a place with the most population in terms of youth and frequent generations. The game is ultimately popular in our country and taking advantage of this point, many people have involved themselves in various activities that made them likely to earn money using the field of free fire. On the top, YouTube is the main platform where free fire is most popular in terms of wealth. Most people use their accounts to generate videos upon the free fire and then use to upload them on YouTube to make money. Moreover, they got sponsored by various brands. A circulation of wealth gets implemented once they are capable to make money popular.

So, we are going to name 5 different players who involved themselves in the game and are currently available to be the richest players in the county of India. So let’s begin now where we shall name all those 5 players and state the basic information about them. The series will be descending as per their net earned money via free fire.

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1 – Total Gaming

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India
Richest Player in Free Fire

If you are a true lover of the game free fire, you must be aware of this name. Although you must not see the person’s face but the name and work by the same would be recognized by you, isn’t it? Total Gaming, undoubtedly the channel on YouTube with the most number of subscribers upon a single field that is free fire, is the channel making the most money via the use of games.

The owner of Total Gaming is known as Ajay and he is popular among the players as Ajjubhai. In the gaming world, he is known to be Ajjubhai94. He is a person with a calm heart and is creating his content since the starting era of this game. Earlier he used to upload videos with his face but later on, he chooses to be hidden and currently, 99% of his subscribers have not seen his face which is one of the sharp reasons for the crowd on his channel.

By the way, he is a Youtuber and use to upload videos and make money. He has the most number of subscribers related to free fire and currently, he is having 34.8 Million subscribers on his channel.

Net Worth Of Total Gaming 2023

He makes around 15 lakhs rupees per month whereas 2 Crores per annum. His total net worth is around INR 12 Crores.

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2 – AS Gaming

A_S Gaming is another channel on YouTube that is owned by Sahil Rana. He was born in 2004 and currently he is 19 years old. Sahil started his career on YouTube in the year 2016 and currently, he met with his success.

He is claimed to be the second richest player of free fire in India and the subscribers on his channel verified it perfectly. He has an active subscriber count of 19.5 Million which is near to near 20 Million subscribers. After Ajjubhai’s Total Gaming, Sahil’s channel is the second most subscribed channel in India regarding the free fire.

Net Worth Of AS Gaming 2023

He makes around 10 lakhs rupees per month and around 1.5 Crores per year. His net worth is claimed to be INR 9 Crores.

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3 – Lokesh Gamer

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India 2023
Lokesh Gamer Free Fire

Lokesh Gamer, who is known as the ff diamond king in free fire from India, is the third richest free fire player from our country. His real name is Lokesh Raj Singh. He also owns a YouTube channel named Lokesh Gamer. He joined YouTube in the year 2017. He also owns a few more channels on YouTube which he uses to upload challenges videos and vlogs. He is having 15.3 Million subscribers on his YouTube channel as of May 2023.

Net Worth Of Lokesh Gamer

  • Monthly Income – INR 11 – 12 lakhs
  • Yearly Income – Approx INR 1.2 Crores
  • Estimated Net Worth – INR 8 Crores.

4 – Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming is one of the channels that has obtained the 4th position in terms of most subscribed YouTube channels related to free fire. This channel is owned and managed by Gyan Sujan who is a popular player of free fire. Gyan Sujan got famous due to his interconnection with Raistar who is known to be the fastest player in free fire.

Gyan Sujan was born in Kolkata and used to upload videos on YouTube related to free fire. Currently, he is having 14.4 Million Subscribers on YouTube.

Net Worth Of Gyan Gaming

  • Monthly Income – INR 7 – 8 lakhs
  • Yearly Income – Approx INR 90 Lakhs
  • Estimated Net Worth – INR 5 – 7 Crores.

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5 – Desi Gamer

Who is not knowing our Amit Bhai aka Desi Gamer? He is mostly famous for being a squad member in Ajjubhai’s squad. They both use postfix as Bhai which really seems like they prove brotherhood. Anyways, Amit Bhai is claimed to be the fifth richest person who is a player of free fire and belongs to India.

He was born in 1997 and he started his YouTube Channel in the year 2015. He is having a subscription count of 13.5 Million as of May 2023. Now let us have his wealth stats.

Net Worth Of Desi Gamer

He earns INR 6 – 8 lakhs per month whereas approximately 90 lakhs per year. His estimated net worth is claimed to be around INR 3 Crores.


So guys, here is a warm new post with something different than the rest of the day. We have shared information about the Top 5 Richest Free Fire Players In India. Hopefully, it would be useful and you would now be one who is knowing about their states. So keep us joined for more informative posts regarding the free fire.

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