Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023: Check Their Ability, How To Get

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023 Check Their  Ability, How To Get, and More: Are you excited to know about all new upcoming characters in Free Fire 2023? So, Stay tuned with us, because Here we’re going to share authentic information about All FF New Characters with their skills, Abilities, Photos, How To Get, and release date in our servers, respectively so that you can claim them in your account.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular online battlefield royale games with more than 1B+ downloads from the Google Play Store that’s why people from all over the world are loved to play this online game solo as well as with their friends. As We Know There are many characters available in Free Fire. But, The developers of this game always add new characters in Free Fire with amazing skills and abilities to enhance the in-game matches. Like that, more powerful Free Fire New Characters are going to be available soon on our servers.

So, We’re going to share full details about upcoming all-new characters in free fire and FF Max with their skills and abilities so that you can choose which one is best for you. So, Take a look below and explore all of the FF new Characters. For More Free Fire Updates, Follow BihariRockers.Com to get Free Diamonds In Free Fire, and many more exciting rewards.

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Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023 (OB39)

Recently Released FF OB38 Update was successfully rolled out in all servers and users have got many surprising new characters such as Santino, and New Pet as Kactus in-game with mind-blowing skills as well as ability that is winning the hearts of thousands of players while playing in-game matches. Also, The developers of this game have added teleport skills in their new character in the free fire which is considered the biggest update of FF. Now, there are many new characters are coming in the free fire with fantastic skills and abilities that are going to be game-changers.

So, If you want to know more about upcoming all-new characters in Free Fire with their skills, Abilities, names, and confirmed photos, then Stay connected with us because more exciting information is added below which can be more helpful for you. Because Those users who are playing FF online games, then they will be already familiar with free fire all characters and its amazing features. Also, We’re going to share a step-by-step guide for How to get free new characters in Free Fire with the help of FF diamonds by spinning in-game events Instantly.

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Free Fire New Characters: Check Their Ability and Photos

Already There are many Free Fire characters available in-game of which some are free and some are premium means that users have to spend FF diamonds from their account to unlock legendary characters in their account. As We Know Mind-blowing skills and abilities only come in premium characters that’s why the developers of this game continuously add new characters in the free fire in their new ob patch updates to enhance the in-game matches gaming experience. So, One more surprising news is coming about the upcoming All-New Characters In Free Fire.

So, Most users are excited to know more about Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023 including their skills, ability, names, photos, How To Get, and many more features that can help them while playing in-game matches, respectively. Now, Take a look below to explore all of the authentic information about Free Fire All Characters which are going to be available soon on our servers and the remaining premium FF characters will be available in Free Fire OB39 updates. So, Be ready to explore the new upcoming all characters of Free Fire.

1 – Twin Killers

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023
Twin Killers Free Fire New Character

You must have come to know as soon as you read the name. You are going to get two new characters in this. FF Twin Killers is the upcoming new character in the free fire which is going to be available on our servers. The developers of this game haven’t revealed the Free Fire Twin Killers’ New Character skills and abilities. So, Hoping that we’re going to get all features soon on their official social media handle and in new in-game events.


Collect information widely and kill decisively. The older uses her skill to share confidential informationwith her brother remotely. Through this information, the younger brotherbecomes the best assassin. On the surface, the younger brother enjoys being a killing machine, but in reality he became an assassin to find out who manipulated his sister.

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2 – Geek Explorer

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023
Geek Explorer Free Fire New Character

FF Geek Explorer is the upcoming new character in Free Fire like Twin Killers. The design and creativity which are done for this FF new character are totally amazing, and After getting this in our servers, More users are going to claim this in their account.


A youth who is passionate about new invention. He is a gifted student who exceleed in mechanical engineering. He may look frail but is very brave and resolute. He has immense desire for exploration. He likes to modify various mechanical equpiment and use them o explore remote areas.

3 – Godfather

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023
Godfather FF New Character

On hearing the name Godfather, Netflix and a lot of movie scenes must have started running through your mind, but it is not so. This time a New character named Godfather is going to appear in Free Fire. So, It has been considered the most awaited FF new character because its leaked photos were already trending on the internet for many days, and Now finally, users are going to get Godfather Free Fire New Character in their servers soon.


A cargo boss who smuggled weapons. He’s involved with both the criminal and righteous world. On the surface, he is a successful cargo boss, but in fact, he is an arms dealer who uses his logistics network to circulate military weapons and equpiment on a large scale.

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4 – Bounty Huntress

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023
Bounty Huntress Free Fire New Character

FF Bounty Huntress Character is also added in upcoming all-new characters in Free Fire. So, It’s estimated that It’ll be available on our servers with new OB39 patch updates. Although, Free Fire New Character Bounty Huntress will be available in 2 style Geek Explorer and Twin Killers as per the above-added photos.


Highly skilled Bounty Huntress. She has an endless thirst for money. Due to her superb skills, she always complete her tasks swiftly to earn the bounties. She may seems cold hearted, but the money earned are used help orphans to lead a more secured life. She do not wish the orphans to suffer the same fate as herself.

5 – Sonia

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire 2023
Sonia Free Fire New Character

Upcoming All New Characters In Free Fire Sonia is looking more beautiful as per her design and creativity, and the hair colors are going to be the center of attraction of Sonia Free Fire New Character.


Sonia – a cyborg. She is an artifical life, ruthless and relentless in her pirsuit of the absolute truth. She wish to transform human through nano-biotechnology and create a “pain-free” future for them.

How To Get All New Free Characters In Free Fire?

We have added all information about upcoming all-new characters in Free Fire with their photos, Storyline, Skills, abilities, and other features, respectively. Now, If you’re looking for How to get new characters in free fire Id, then you’ve to still wait for a few days because All of the Above New Characters are not available, and It’s estimated that Some will be available in the upcoming few days and remaining will be come with new OB39 patch updates through new in-game events. After that, you’ll be able to unlock premium characters in your account to test their Abilities and skills which can be game-changers while playing in-game matches.

Conclusion: Free Fire New Characters and Their Ability

As We Know that Garena Free Fire and FF Max are one of the most played online games, and due to this, more responsibility increases on the developer of these games we should add some new features and characters in the game so that the experience of the game can increase even more. So In this Post, We have shared authentic information about upcoming all-new characters in Free Fire with their photos, skills, abilities, How To Get, and many more features, respectively which are going to help you. Also, It’ll help to get free characters in Free Fire ID.

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