Winter Wish Free Fire New Event – How To Get Rare Items in 1 Spin

Winter Wish Free Fire New Event: Hello guys how are you hope that all the people will be good and all of you will also be waiting eagerly for the Happy New Year because this year has not been special for us.

Winter Wish Free Fire New Event - How To Get Rare Items in 1 Spin

A lot of people would have started wishing their family, friends and relatives Happy New Year 2021 from today itself because everybody wants that this coming new year is very good for us as compared to old year.

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The new year of free fire is also coming and before the new year comes, a new event has come in it, which is called ‘Winter Wish Event’.

There are a lot of rare items in this Winter Wish Free Fire New Event and you must have a lot of free fire diamonds to collect all the rare items. I’ll tell you everything that How To Get Rare Items In Winter Wish Free Fire New Event.

Winter Wish New Event Free Fire 

Today is 31 December which is the last day of 2020 and from tomorrow the Happy New Year 2021 will start. To make Free Fire 2020 more fun, it seems that Garena teams have brought a new free fire event in game called ‘Winter Wish Event‘ and this event has a lot of rare items such as Rare male bundle, female bundle, Surfboard, mask, Backpack, pets skin, and much more.

Winter Wish event is scheduled to be held in our Free Fire Indian Server from 31 December to 6 January. In between, you can spin in this event anytime. If you also want to spin in the Winter Wish Event, then before that you should know some important tips & Tricks because if you do not know this tricks then you will not be able to get the rare items.

In the Winter Wish Event, you will get the price of two types and both are so different from each other that First name is ‘Basic Prizes’ and the other name is ‘Premium Prizes’. 

How much free fire diamond is required to Spin in ‘Basic and Premium prize?

So let me tell you that you will get 1 Spin Free in the Basic Prize at the Winter Wish event. As soon as you do 1 Spin, after that you will have to spin of 9 free fire diamonds for Basic Prizes, and if you want to spin 5 Basic Wish, then you will get a discount in a little Free Fire Diamond. You’ve to spend only 89 free fire diamond for 5 Basic Wish.

List Of Basic Prizes of Winter Wish Event

  • Bliss of Winter
  • Joy of Winter
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • The Lucky Gift Portrait
  • Polar Bear Portrait
  • Magic Cube Fragment
  • Winterlands 2019 Celebration
  • The Deer and The Bell
  • Winter Candies
  • Snowy Day
  • Diamond Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • And much more

Premium Prizes Winter Wish Free Fire New Event

In the Winter Wish Free Fire New Event, you have to do 1st spin of 99 Free Fire Diamond and 199 Diamond in 2nd Spin to for Premium Wish, and if you want to 5 Premium Wish, then 899 free fire diamond will be charged. 

If you also want to remove rare bundle in Winter Wish Event, then you should do Premium Wish because 100% of the rare bundle will come out, but it’ll cost more free fire diamond. 

List of Premium Prizes in Winter Wish Event

  • The Glacier Devil Hunter Bundle
  • Winterlands Fury Sledge
  • Old’s Man Mask
  • Bonfreeze Dino
  • M60’s – Santa Choice
  • Gingerbread Man Bundle
  • Polar Bear
  • Winter Elf Bundle
  • The Santa Miltia Bundle
  • The Santa Guerrilla Bundle
  • The Seaile Bundle
  • The Penguin Bundle
  • Grumpy Old Man
  • Winterlands Dancer Bundle
  • Winterlands Elk Bundle
  • And much more

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