Best 5 Free Fire Tips To Get into Safe Zones During Rank Push

Best 5 Free Fire Tips To Get into Safe Zones During Rank Push: Understanding strategic management leads to the end of success whether you apply it in any field. The same can be seen in the games Garena free fire and free fire max.

Have you also noticed that you have been eliminated or hunted ever escaping the zone? Have you also blamed the shrinking of the safe zone for your loosed match? If all these things are going on, you just need to pay attention to the full of your ability to read this post as we are going to overcome your problem by stating a well-described article upon 5 best Free Fire tips to get into safe zones during rank push (March 2023).

Guys, let us consider something. Is it like that safe zone would stop shrinking? Is it possible? Off course not because it is not set only for you but for all the players worldwide. The one who wins the match, isn’t he suffering from the safe zone shrinking? Of course, he is too so why you can not? You will also be able to win the match if you have the perfect information and idea to escape the zone and survive the battle. Certain tips would be required to do the same, hence come with us and enjoy this article so that you could know How To Booyah is Every Match In Free Fire Max?

Best 5 Free Fire or FF Max tips to get into safe zones during rank push

Best 5 Free Fire Tips To Get into Safe Zones During Rank Push
Free Fire Rank Push

There are various methods and ways to get into the safe zone if it is shrinking. You have to cover it all from the instructions below so that you could not be the one who gets hunted while escaping the zone or eliminated due to lack of HP in the game in the safe zone. So we have brought you five major and best tips so that we could answer your questions like What To Do When Safe Zone Is Shrinking In Free Fire? Methods To Get Into Safe Zone Faster In Free Fire.

1 – Perfect Character Skill Combination

The first tip we can suggest you have and equip a perfect and coordinated character skill combination. As you all know, there are so many characters in the game and more than 90% of characters are provided with some special abilities. If you would recognize this thing, you can face any challenges before you regarding gameplay.

In the terms of escaping the zone, you have to use the abilities of characters that actually boost your speed and provide you additional HP. The best-recommended character should be Kelly who is possessing a passive skill for increment in sprinting speed. Moreover, you can use the character Alok if you want to run fast and gain some HP. The two slots could be equipped with characters like Joseph and one who can provide you with HP or EP.

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2 – Using Zone Discloser

Zone Discloser is the device in the free fire that looks like a DJ and after using it, you can detect the next safe zone that will form when the current one will stop shrinking. Now you all would be thinking it’s very common but wait, we are going to share some spots in Bermuda where you could find the device very easily.

  • Bimasakti Strip
  • Katulistiwa
  • Peak (besides the multiple-door house)
  • Factory (inside the containers between Pochinki and the Factory)

So, use the device from any place where you could find it and move toward the safe zone as fast as you can.

3 – Launched Spots

Now Launchpad is another useful device in the games free fire and free fire max. This is used for the launching of characters over large distances. Using it, you can even cover more than 60% of the map area at one time. Now again, we want to state something different as you would be knowing about the launchpad already.

If you are at a far distance and you think you cannot cover the zone frequently, then don’t focus on the safe zone instead start moving towards the launchpad and you can easily move forward to the safe zone. Below are some launchpad Spots on the Bermuda Map.

  • Katulistiwa – 1
  • Observatory – 2
  • Bullseye – 1
  • Graveyard – 1
  • Shipyard – 2
  • Plantation – 1
  • Bimasakti – 1
  • Hanger – 1

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4 – Portable Launchpad

The portable Launchpad is an item that has been introduced in the game after the launch of the OB39 update. A portable Launchpad acts similarly to the Launchpad but you can not move as far as a real Launchpad. But then too, you can escape the zone easily. The best thing about it is that you can keep as many Launchpads in your bag and use them anytime anywhere.

There are two methods of getting Launchpads that are via the secret clue which is a loadout and can be equipped before starting every match. Another way is to obtain the portable Launchpad via the airdrops on the map during gameplay.

5 – Vehicles

There is no need for an introduction to vehicles as you too know vehicles are the ultimate source to travel a long distance over the map. The only thing that you need to focus on here is to have detailed information about the parked vehicles in the game. After the OB39 update, the vehicles count for the maps would be increased by which you shall be able to discover more vehicles on the map. Hence, leave the direct rush and try to find a vehicle to cover the zone and get into the safe zone.


Guys, so we have shared an article that will let you build a major upgrade in building some strategy that will help you in covering the zone as well as throw you near Booyah. So this post was all about the best 5 Free Fire tips to get into safe zones during rank push (April 2023). Hopefully, you would have liked it so react to it by making comments please stay connected with us for more information and updates related to the game free fire and free fire max.

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