How To Get Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire Profile 2023

How To Get Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire Profile 2023: Hey readers, are you aware of V Badge in the game free fire and free fire max? Surely you would be, but are you aware of the alternative respected symbol in the game free fire and free fire max? This is the Free Fire Weapon Glory Badge in the game. It may be referred to as an honorable badge or sign that very lesser players can obtain. But it’s none of the jobs that you can not attain it. Even, too can have this badge, and the same information is going to be covered in this article.

So friends, if you are also one who can play the game free fire or free fire max in a prominent way but still you are lacking the Free Fire Max Weapon Glory Badge from your profile, then absolutely you have saved your time via reaching out here. In this post, you will get to know all related and relevant information regarding the FF Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire. Hence, get ready to explore this article that is surely going to be beneficial for you.

What Is Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire?

Guys, as you all know that there is always a patch update that is being launched in the game at the interval every 2 months. Similarly, the last patch update which is known as the OB38 update for the game free fire and free fire max was launched on the 11th of January 2023. The update brought a lot of changes in the game along with a new appearance change.

This appearance was a badge that was limited and is limited and is only available for hard-working players. This badge when introduced, was called Weapon Glory Badge in Free Fire and is still known by the same name. The badge since it was launched, is being considered as the badge of respect and those who own it, get a respected sight.

Basically, The Free Fire Weapon Glory Badge is an achievement in the game that can be obtained by any player, and post obtaining it, the badge gets displayed within your I’d or profile. Not only on these spots but also many where else. The Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire is awarded to those players who have the highest hundred weapon glory or highest hundred weapon score.

Most simply, the developers have introduced a badge and the badge can be obtained via players of any server from any region. There are different regions that are categorized as undertaking Indian states and per region will have top 100 players will be awarded the FF Max Weapon Glory Badge. These 100 players are those who have scored the most glory points regarding each weapon. Every weapon has its own counting and hence, you can also get the badge if you are in the top 100 from your region to have the most glory for any weapon.

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How To Get Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire Max?

How To Get Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire Profile
Free Fire Weapon Glory Badge

Guys, as we have mentioned some brief information about the Free Fire Weapon Glory Badge and does it gets obtained. But now we are going to expand the procedure and from the instructions below, you shall surely get to know How To Get Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire Max?

  • Guys, first of all, you need to make up your mind that you have to play the game daily and for at least for 3 to 4 hours
  • You should be interested in playing the game and the second thing required is that you need to attack and play avoiding camping, hiding, and defending
  • The next focus you should have is to select only a single weapon that is not used by many players and has often been ignored. Such as, you could select Kingfisher or Bizon or VSS or there are many such weapons that are not used by many players in the game
  • Now you need to set strategy and try to play solo vs squad as much as you can (only in BR Ranked mode)
  • Now you have to start the game and play keeping the above-mentioned points in your mind
  • Always try to find the weapon that you have chosen as the same weapon will affect on continuous increment in weapon glory
  • Attack as much as possible and after every match, you will be shown your weapon glory increment through points and the same score would be added

Simultaneously after playing the game, keep checking for the weapon glory from the leaderboard icon that is present just beside the friendliest icon. Click on the leaderboard icon > weapon glory > BR Ranked or CS Ranked and then choose the gun that you have the focus on. Try to play many matches and when your name appears in the Top 100 in your default region, you shall get the Weapon Glory Badge.

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How To Increase The Weapon Glory In Free Fire?

Guys, the only working trick that will act as a base in the increment of this weapon’s glory is the focus on the points that we have mentioned above. Especially you need to give time for the game. Always try to attack and play. Always pick up the gun that you have chosen for the weapon glory badge. Keep playing as many matches as you can. And to boost your score, you can take help from your friends by sharing your I’d and asking them to play.

This method will extremely be useful in incrementing the weapon glory in the free fire. So go on and choose your weapon for the weapon glory badge and attain a badge and be part of one such respected symbol.


Guys, here is an article that is all about the FF Weapon Glory Badge In Free Fire. We have shared several details regarding the weapon glory badge such as what is it and how to get it. Also how to increase it. We can now hope that you would have found this article useful and for the same, you need to stay tuned for our upcoming posts regarding the games garena free fire and free fire max.

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