How To Change Name In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Change Name In Free Fire Max 2023: Hello friends, are you a newbie to the game Garena Free Fire Max? Or you are the one who is knot knows about the game too? Or it might be like that you are an old player but you don’t play the game regularly, right? In all these cases, you would be having a lot of problems related to the game free fire max and even free fire, isn’t it?

So, we are here in order to kill all your queries via our easy and elaborate posts regularly. Reading our posts, you can gain extreme knowledge of the games free fire and free fire max and even you can find solutions for many problems you have.

So similarly, today also you are going to be given some details about one of the major problems. You will get to know about the problem in detail within this post and you too can be able to find out the perfect solution, so keep reading this post without any hesitation.

Today we are going to share some parts of the profile query. It is related to every newbie or the one who does not have proper information about the game. Regarding the same, many players are here who do not know about changing the name in the game Free Fire Max profile. So today’s topic is about the same read this article to have complete info on today’s topic How To Change Name In Free Fire Max?

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How To Change Name In Free Fire Max?

So friends, changing your name in the game free fire is not a hard deal for you. So, the very first thing is that be calm it is an easy process, just go following as we are stating. Before everything, you need to know how the name in Free Fire Max gets changed. How is the working of the name change from starting and whether if it is possible to change the name in free fire max now?

Friends, every player in the game free fire max has to start with the same process. First of all, they either need to have an account on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. The second option is to join the game via Guest I’d. Here you need to pay attention that the Guest ID would not bring many privileges as compared to the one opened with any account. So, you should always join free fire with either Google or Facebook accounts.

The very first thing that you would see after creating the account is that you would be asked to choose the knowledge of such a game in the option among Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert. It’s upon you to select, the post in which you will be asked to enter your name in the input popup. Here, many users enter the random name that is shown through the suggestions after which they find it difficult to remove that name and place a new name, so in such conditions, they are left with only a few ways to change the name. Now we shall know about What Are The Ways Of Changing Name Of Free Fire Max?

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What Are The Ways Of Changing Name In Free Fire Max?

Friends, there are only two ways of changing the name in the game free fire and even in the game free fire. The two methods are different from each other. The first method is using diamonds and the other one is using the name change card where you will require no diamonds in order to change the name. So, below are both methods of changing the name in Free Fire Max.

How To Change Name In FF or Free Fire Max?

How To Change Name In Free Fire Max 2023
Free Fire Max Name Change

1 – Using Diamond

  • You have to log in to the game and from the left corner of the screen, just click on your profile
  • After your profile page would open, just see a pencil icon, just beside your present in-game name
  • Click on that pencil icon
  • Now you will find a popup showing you the previous nickname and asking you to enter the new nickname
  • Proceed to enter the new name that you want to change
  • After you enter the name, just verify it and after verification, you will see an option of 390 diamonds, just press on it
  • Your account will be deducted with 390 diamonds and the name would be successfully changed

Now we shall share the steps of changing the name using the name change card.

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2 – Using Name Change Card

  • Just log in to the game and similar to the step above, click on the profile from the top left corner of the screen
  • Again you will see the profile page, from where just click on the pencil icon beside the nickname
  • Now you would be asked to enter the new name for the I’d
  • Proceed to enter the name
  • This time, if you are owning a name change card, just tap on the name change card after which your name will be successfully changed and 0 diamonds would be deducted from your account
  • Now you are done

So friends, here are the exact instructions about How To Change Name In Free Fire Max? However we are going to mention the ways of obtaining the name change card, you should read it and then apply the steps that we have stated.

How To Get The Name Change Card In Free Fire Max?

  • From the exchange zone using 200 guild tokens and 39 diamonds
  • From the mystery shop that is currently going on in the game free fire and free fire max
  • From the Moco Store when available


So dear friends here is a complete post in which we have shared the complete details for the ways of changing the name in the game FF or free fire max. Also, we have shared the ways of getting the name change card in the game. We can now hope that every instruction is clear to you and it would now use for you and working too. So go and move forward to change your existing name in the game. Also, make sure to stay connected with us so that you couldn’t miss any tips and tricks related to free fire and free fire max.

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