How To Get Pets In Free Fire Max 2023

How To Get Pets In Free Fire Max 2023: Hey guys, if you are a true lover of the Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Max, then you should be aware of all the assets and systematics of the game, isn’t it? The game has a lot of things and the most basic pieces of stuff are characters and maps. Without these two things, the gameplay is impossible and likewise, there are so many other factors that make up the reason for the achievement of the best battle royale game in the world.

Hence, we have brought up today’s post which is surely going to be useful for all of you. This becomes extremely helpful if you are a newbie to the game. So let us start today’s post about How To Get Pets In Free Fire Max which concludes with an article in which we are going to share appropriate information about pets in the game.

Now, pets are also a part of assets for the game and likely you too would have requirements for any pet I’m the game as they are proven to have some special ability that provides you a positive point in the game. Hence be with us and read this article till last so that you could get the correct details about today’s topic How To Get Pets In Free Fire?

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Benefits and Uses Of Pets In Free Fire Max

So friends, as you know that there are a lot of pets in the free fire. There is no need of introducing that pets are the animated characters in the game as a part of the asset. These pets have different names and each ON update or new patch update in the game provides a new pet. Since, last few updates have not met with this regulation but, it was constantly going on till 2022.

However, there is no need for more pets and let’s have a look at the already available pets in the game. Maybe the next updates would inject some new pets into the game and for the same, you will be notified via our post if you would keep reading our posts regularly, hence, do it continuously.

Pets in free fire and free fire max have a lot of uses. The first use of pets in the game free fire and free fire is to company your character. Secondly and the most appropriate reason behind having pets in the game is that they are equipped with some powerful abilities that are considered to provide you with some extra attributes in the game.

The most appropriate example for the second use is the skill owned by Beaston pet that it has the ability to boost the distance of grenades. It means, if you are equipped with Beaston, the grenades thrown will be thrown at more distance than regular.

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How To Get Pets In Free Fire or FF Max

How To Get Pets In Free Fire Max 2023
Free Fire Pets

Similarly, there are so many pets in the game and they each have some unique abilities which can be equipped and can be used in various modes of the game, making the gameplay more enhanced.

So, there are many players who are still not possessing any useful pets and they have extreme requirements for pets. So, this article is for the solution to the same quest and let’s find all the ways of getting a pet in the free fire.

1 – From Store

Guys, the store is a place in the game where you can get any type of item whether it’s a bundle, weapon, or emotes, and even a free fire pet. Yes, if you are unaware, then read this part completely. In the game, you can go to the shop section and purchase the pet for just 499 diamonds. Follow the steps below to perform it accurately.

  • Log in to the game
  • Go to the store section and select on pet tab
  • Here you can see a list of all present pets in the game, click on the desired pet that you like
  • Now tap on 499 diamonds to buy it
  • You shall be reached a payment interface, make payment and go to the character > pet to locate it

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2 – Through Gifts

Free Fire also possesses a gift section where you can gift any item to any friend or even to any unknown person too. From the same place, you can gift yourself or say your friend to gift a pet to you. If not, you can follow the trick below that would help you definitely.

This is a cheaper way but only after some tricks. For the same, you have to create another I’d and play on it and reach level 15 from the new I’d. Simultaneously increasing the levels by playing games, you shall get an airdrop and proceed to buy it or if not, you will be provided with another airdrop providing you 300 diamonds, just purchase it. Now continue playing the game and after a few airdrops, again new drops would appear, and buy the same again.

Now you would have approx 600 diamonds. Now follow the steps below.

  • Log in to the game
  • Go to the store and select the gift Tab
  • From here, select the pet that you want to have in your original I’d
  • Make sure that both the would be included in each other’s friend list
  • Now click on the pet and tap on 499 diamonds and now select your original I’d and make the payment of 499 diamonds
  • Now check your mailbox of the original I’d and you would find the desired pet and then equip it and enjoy the gameplay with the special ability


How do you equip pets in Free Fire for free?

Open your free fire account, and go to the Pets section, then after you have chosen your favorite pets, and after that click on equip options, and it’s done.

Which is the best No 1 pet in Free Fire?

There are many pets available in Garena Free Fire. But, Mr. Wagger is the No.1 pet in free fire, because you are going to get items after every 120 seconds or 100 seconds to play in matches.


So friends, how was the post about How To Get Pets in Free Fire Max? We can hope that it would be useful to you and that the quest would have ended here. For more such informative posts regarding the game free fire and free fire max, stay connected with us and be a regular reader of our site.

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