How To Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire Max After OB41 Update

How To Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire Max After OB41 Update: Friends, you are welcome to this post. This post is regarding a major problem in the game Garena Free Fire Max. We can assume that you would also be here for the same reason and you must be hoping to get an adequate solution for your concern most affirmatively we shall try our best to serve you in the terms of the quest which has made you reach here today.

You just, have to make sure about a thing that you need to read this post till the last so that every single piece of information stated within it could be easily got by you. Now let us begin with today’s new post without any further delay.

Guys, many of you would be having several problems which end in nothing but irritation, isn’t it? And after a lot of attempts, you are unable to solve that particular problem and you hope to have a quest over the web. So, you are the lucky one that you have been reached here and reading this line because today we are going to propose an article if your problem is regarding maps in the game free fire max.

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Can You Delete NeXTerra Map In Free Fire Max?

So friends, deleting the map FF Nexterra Map in the game free fire max is not possible in any way but there is an alternate solution that will make your day and you can find about the same below.

Most of you would be here and would have problems related to maps. Whenever you would select the BR Ranked mode, the Free Fire Nexterra map would be the battle land for the current round instead of the Bermuda map. You don’t even want to see the Nexterra map and after a lot of irritation, you would have tried every possible to remove the Nexterra map but you can not find any way.

Moreover, you would have tried to delete the whole expansion pack or you must go through the process of reinstallation of the game free fire max but again you found it worthless. So what can you do, you must be thinking isn’t there any way that the Free Fire Max Nexterra map would not appear in the BR Ranked mode? If certain things have been gone with you, then don’t worry as we have a unique solution for your query.

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Why Nexterra Map Can Not Be Deleted From Free Fire Max?

How To Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire
delete nexterra map in free fire max

Let us explain guys, are you remembering the update OB37? This patch update in the game free fire max and free fire injected the new map which is Nexterra. Since then, the Nexterra map is available in the game. The developers made it default that Nexterra would emerge in the BR Ranked mode and none of the players could modify it. Even you can not manually select the map having Nexterra in the option. So what are the ways left with you in order to Delete Nexterra Map In Free Fire Max?

Friends, as we have mentioned that there is no way to delete the map in free fire max but you can perform an alternate step which includes installing and playing the game free fire. Yes friends, and for the same, we are going to guide you about How To Install The Game Free Fire?

This is an alternate solution because you can easily delete the Nexterra Map in the game Free Fire and continue playing the mode Battle Royale Ranked without appearing in Nexterra Map. So guys, what are you looking for, head forward and learn how to download the game free Fire and play it without Nexterra Map.

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How To Install Free Fire In India?

  • First of all, CLICK HERE to go to the website where Free Fire is available to download
  • From there, locate the download button and start downloading
  • Make sure about the version of the application free fire which should be 1.98.1
  • After downloading, you need to just go to the file manager > download folder
  • From here, locate the downloaded file and tap on it
  • Now click on install and let the application be installed
  • After installation, you can find the game by the name of free fire in the application menu
  • Now similar to the free fire max, just open it and log in to your existing account
  • After login, you can download the expansion pack along with all other valuable packs
  • In the download center, you would see an option for maps, you can click on it to know about the status of maps and downloads

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How to Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire

How To Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire Max
FF NeXTerra Map Delete

Friends, finally now we are going to disclose the 3xabt steps about How to Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire? Make sure to follow each step and delete the Nexterra Map from free fire.

  • You have to log in to the game
  • Now you have to go to the download center or click on the expansion pack download icon
  • From here, find the tab maps
  • After that click on it
  • There you can see all the maps at once
  • The Nexterra Map would also appear there
  • You can see a dustbin button just beside Free Fire Nexterra Map
  • Make a click on it and as soon as you would click, the Nexterra map would be banished from the game instantly
  • Now you can continue playing the game and nowhere Nexterra map would emerge as the Battlefield map



What is Nexterra In Free Fire?

Nexterra is the most advanced map in Free Fire which was added in the new ob patch updates of this online game, and it is the 5th playable map of FF.

Which map is best in the free fire?

The old Bermuda and Kalahari maps are the best map in the Garena Free Fire.

How to download a free fire map?

If you want to download the free fire maps, then you have to open its official app, go to the download section, and after that download maps whichever you want to download.

Which map is best in free fire Max?

The old Free Fire Classic and BR-Ranked map are the best maps in the free fire max.

How do I delete the Nexterra map on free fire Android?

We have added a step-by-step guide to delete the Nexterra Map on free-fire Android mobile devices. So, follow the steps and delete it from your online battle royale maps section.


So, readers, this is today’s post in which we have shared a lot of information about maps in the games free fire and free fire max. Most importantly we have shared the information about How to Delete NeXTerra Map in Free Fire Max? Hopefully, now you would be able to find the exact solution and never again you would have the same problem existing in your list. Thus, keep sharing this post with your friends, and also don’t forget to keep us joined as we share the posts related to tips and tricks and important information regarding the games free fire and free fire max.

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